Concrete Polishing

Make your boring concrete stand out
There are 2 systems that are commonly referred to as polished concrete, and there are unique benefits and disadvantages associated with both.

Both systems start with the initial grind, this is where we remove as much or as little of the top layer of concrete to get to the desired exposure.

The concrete is further ground to remove initial tool marks, and then grouted to fill the small pores making the surface smoother.

At this stage , this is where you can decide to put a Polyurethane coating on it to protect the surface. This is referred to as a grind and seal –

Or we continue polishing and hardening the surface mechanically until the desired gloss level is achieved. – For a high gloss finish this can mean up to 7 more polishing stages. Penetrating sealers can also be incorporated into the system for much greater stain resistance. This is similar to the Hyper floor System, and we refer to it as True Polished concrete.

Grind and seal is great for areas where staining may be an issue, and is cheaper than most conventional flooring systems.

True Polished concrete is a long term solution, and with a little bit of care and maintenance, it will end up being cheaper in the long run.

Note: We always use Non Yellowing polyurethane for grind and seal, as cheaper products can discolour from sunlight, and UV Rays, whether they are inside or out.