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We are located in Central Victoria, which puts us in a great position to service all of Regional and Metropolitan Victoria


Looking to resurface, refinish or re-color your concrete pool deck, patio driveway, garage floor or commercial surface? We are here to help!

Expert Concrete Resurfacing & Restoration.

When it comes to concrete, one size does not fit all. Before deciding on an application, we first assess the type of concrete used, the current condition, and any design concept the owner is interested in.

Construction Services for You

Commercial & industrial protective coatings

The Products that we use are Top quality industrial grade. This means that they are just as suited for warehouses and factories.

New & Old Concrete Floor Polishing

Everybody Loves polished concrete! We work with you to get the most out of your surface, whether you are building new or resurfacing old concrete

Amazing decorative Floors

You’ve come to the right place if you’re after a Stunning new durable epoxy floor. Each floor is completely unique, customized to you
Commercial and industrial flooring has never had so many opportunities like those that exist today
Our concrete flooring solutions are limitless in their color, texture and effects options, especially when compared to standard products like tile, wood, carpet and marble. That is why more and more architects now specify these unique solutions for their clients.

SPG Concrete Resurfacing proudly servcing Victoria since 2006

We can turn any ordinary concrete surface into a beautiful hardscape by resurfacing driveways, walkways, Comercial Buildings, patios, pool decks, porches, walls, and more without removing the existing concrete.
Resurfacing is a process which entails cleaning, repairing, and overlying the old concrete with a new concrete surface.
Equipped with the latest and advanced technology, research teams, and professional employees to give you the best services money can ever buy, our company can make your dreams come true.