In addition to the below mentioned services, we can also offer crack filling, coating or tile removal,  and pressure washing.

Diamond concrete grinding

Our own self contained grinding setup.

We have many sized concrete grinders, so that we can quickly and effectively get the job done, our grinders are paired with large dust extractors to keep dust to a minimum.

We employ diamond grinding as standard preparation for all our Epoxy and polyurethane coatings, and these machines can also be used for:

  1. Levelling and flattening floor for timber or other flooring.
  2. Removing trip hazards.
  3. Removing old coatings and preparing for new.
  4. Cleaning up rain damaged concrete.

Epoxy floors have been used for many decades to protect Industrial floors, because they are extremely durable and hard wearing. . … read more

This is the process when we cut the surface of your concrete to reveal as much or as little stone as you require, and finish it to suit your lifestyle. … read more

Epoxy resin coatings have been used by industry for many years as they represent great value for money due to their strength and durability, but in recent years newer technologies have emerged which have brought epoxy into the mainstream residential market, and wow do they look great….read more

Our products are bonded to existing concrete, and trowelled to resemble a concrete or stone finish, it can be further enhanced by staining or scoring to create a one off natural looking floor…. read more

Old boring concrete driveways can be given a new ease of life by applying our spray on paving systems….. read more

Flake Floors are becoming very popular now for their strength and beauty, You select the Flakes or quartz, from hundreds of different blends available, And we will apply it to your floor….. read more